We're storytellers

magnifying you

It's proven that engagements are 82% higher if visitors can access a video on social media about an upcoming event. This is because it's easy to watch and they don't need to think or click around to find more information, once clicked you have their entire attention. Videos build trust and ignite emotions as it brings events and information to life. Amazon recently reported that new product launches were 52% more successful if there was a video for users to see and understand the product.

Video content helps your SEO as google loves video as it will keep visitors engaged for longer on your site. Stats show that you are 53 times more likely to show up on google if you have video embedded on your site. Video appeals hugely to mobile visitors to your site and can increase visitor numbers by up to 233%.

Why we do what we do

In everything we do, we share experiences - everyone has a story worth telling - Cast want to tell it. 

We are not all the same, and we need to be able to communicate who we are. Our content should reflect our passions, our lives, each as vivid and complex as the next. Cast video is about magnifying lives, whether a company, a band, a festival or an individual, we want to learn more about your ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherent craziness, so we can present the epic stories that would otherwise continue invisibly around us.

How we do what we do

We plan, produce and deliver high-quality video content to suit the needs of our clients and their audiences.

We work tightly with you, getting to know you and your video needs first. We don’t fit you into a box, we ensure your content is unique to you and we work on time and in budget to deliver this. We have a large network of talented producers, directors, cameramen and editors so we can tailor our team to fit your vision and your budget. From the initial storyboards to the final edit we will work with you to ensure all stages of production run smoothly and you come out with content which reflects your vision. 

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