Your mission... discovered.



Our Approach

At Cast, our approach to design & brand is rooted in the belief that authentic brands are those that stand for something – something that's not only true of the brand, but meaningful to you and your communities.

To find that truth, we use research and ask questions to fully discover meaningful insights that live at the heart of your culture, your audience, and who you truly are.

Our Philosophy

Cast approaches branding by imagining ourselves from within your community. People want to to be part of something – they want to be able to relate and connect. Today's communities care more about authenticity and the mission, vision, values and beliefs of a product or service they associate with.


In today’s fast moving digital world, brands must be equipped to work and connect with people and deliver meaning, as well as experience, service and value. A more modern brand says a lot about you and your business, it creates a sense that something fresh has changed and this is a business on the move. The biggest risk to your business is standing still!

Our Process

During the discovery process we combine consumer research, audience segmentation and understanding the DNA of your business, sharing insights of how you might be perceived in your community. We know that regular clients do not find brand and glossy images important as they don't need their heads turning. The largely unaware population of your product are more likely to enquire if they can connect with you and sense your personality using relevant engaging content on all platforms available. On completion of understanding who you are, we set about creating a unique strategy that reaches your audience in the places they spend their in the most cost efficient RTI channels. We are a results driven agency and always start with a 'we do this for that mentality' with targeted returns.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that we will create your image that showcases who you are and perhaps a glimpse of who you want to be. We aim to create a strategy that is maintainable by your teams and arrange a programme that is inexpensive.  We love working in the trenches with our clients!

All of our tailored plans are created around sustainability!