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Andrew is a recognised leader and skilled project manager who has worked with a wide range of organisations to leverage the internet for sales and visibility.  Andrew is the first point of contact with clients, leading the research into  target markets  and developing a structure, design, video concept, or social media strategy, accordingly. He then draws on his experience to direct every creative project, from design to content strategy.


​Doro is an accomplished photographer who has worked on some prestige brands changing perceptions and creating stunning brand upgrades with unique outcomes.With a career focused in project management and visual design, Doro is hands on at every stage of a project.



​Rebecca produces compelling effective copy that engages audiences and achieves results for clients. With wide experience across PR, copy writing, social media, digital marketing and internal communications Rebecca brings a customer-focused approach to all her work.



​Mark is a film-maker. From the first idea through to the final cut, Mark is all about capturing moments and sharing real stories. Whether it’s a feature film, a commercial, a showreel or a short promo video, every film tells a story. The trick is telling the right story. Mark is an editor, producer and director so he can take your project from conception to delivery, being present and hands-on at every stage of the process.


​Dave is a senior graphic designer who has worked on a range of globally recognised brands. Dave has led teams at both branding and advertising agencies helping clients and colleagues to uncover own able stories, craft unique identities, and build thoughtful design systems positioned for success.



Harry is our all-round creative, he loves music and has uses his expertise to make backing tracks and video animations for our clients



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